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WATCH: Activist trolls Iranian diplomats negoti...
David Keyes questions Iranian diplomats about political prisoners and congratulates them for reducing the r... READ MORE >>
News Item connects dissidents in repressive...
If private tech companies can harness the power of crowdsourcing and the global reach of the Internet to ra... READ MORE >>
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David Keyes Confronts Iran
Andrea Mitchel reports on Keyes’ mock debate with Iran in Vienna. READ MORE >>
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Video: I Punked Iran’s Nuclear Negotiators
The diplomats in Vienna wanted to talk about absolutely anything but Iran’s record of hanging gays an... READ MORE >>
Iran's Nuclear Negotiators Punked in Vienna
"Who is your favorite political prisoner?" David Keyes, executive director of a group called "Advancing Hu... READ MORE >>
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Nemtsov’s Murder Unites Putin Enemies
Ilya Yashin, the slain dissident’s colleague, explains why the Russian opposition is more hopeful tha... READ MORE >>
Irwin Cotler, Human Rights Champion
AHR Board Member retires from his seat in the Canadian Parliament.       ... READ MORE >>
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Obama, make good on Armenia: Column
Pope Francis stands brave against Turkey. Why can't America follow suit? On April 24, 1915, in the midst o... READ MORE >>
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Google wants to bring out the digital activist ...
  Advancing Human Rights attempts to open closed societies and crowdsource aid for dissidents with ne... READ MORE >>
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Young Kurdish Activist Thanks Movements
Syrian-Kurdish activist Sirwan Kajjo posted on Movements requesting aid in publishing his first book.A lead... READ MORE >>
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The One Website You Should Visit This Passover is crowdsourcing liberty around the worldBy Liel Leibovitz | April 3, 2015 12:44 PM Read Ful... READ MORE >>
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Mandela’s power to unite and inspire
Irwin Cotler – February 24, 2015 It is a regrettably rare occasion when political opponents come tog... READ MORE >>
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Cotler recalls (small) role in Israel-Egypt peace
Paul Lungen, Staff ReporterWednesday, March 25, 2015View Full Article Here Most people are spectators ... READ MORE >>
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Irwin Cotler: We are witnessing a new, sophisti...
Irwin Cotler, National Post | March 5, 2015 2:39 PM ETRead Full Article HereRecently, the House o... READ MORE >>
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Members of all parties specifically encourage sanctions against Russian officials responsible for detention... READ MORE >>
The great betrayal of South Africa’s moral legacy
Irwin CotlerJerusalem Post – March 19, 2015Read Full Article Here I recently returned from South Afr... READ MORE >>
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Liberals unveil amendments to address Canadians...
Read original post here March 26, 2015 OTTAWA – Liberals today unveiled amendments to Bill C-51, th... READ MORE >>
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Women's Rights are Human Rights, So Let's Make ...
View Full Article Here Yesterday, March 8, was International Women's Day. Since being designated by the Un... READ MORE >>
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Crowdsourcing Human Rights
BY RICHARD EDELMAN View Original Article Here Earlier this month, I met with David Keyes, the execut... READ MORE >>
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Here's One Easy Way You Can Help Advance Human ...
Read Full Article Here A few months ago in my article, Here’s How We Win the Fight Against... READ MORE >>