Eight Iranian Female Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Eight Iranian female political prisoners stopped the hunger strike that they have been on for a week in protest of Sudden violent searches by prison guards. The women prisoners started the strike after female guards at Evin prison in northern Tehran carried out unannounced inspections that included body searches, beating and verbal insults of the prisoners.

Cyber activists have been reacting to this news by creating slideshows like the one shown below to highlight the activist and their various background:

Internationally renowned human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been on a hunger strike in the same prison since last week. She is also protesting her and fellow inmates mistreatment by authorities.

More than 95 Iranian social and political activists have issued a letter urging the women at Evin Prison to end their hunger strike out of concern for their lives.

While the statement commends their courage, the activists express grave concern that the lives of the prisoners may be in danger.

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