Cyberdissidents Blogger Board Member Featured as Blogger to Follow

The Daily Beast recently featured Cyberdissidents blogger Maikel Nabil as one of six best Egypt bloggers to follow. They said:

“While he’s not actually on the ground in Egypt anymore, Maikel Nabil remains an influential—and highly controversial—figure in Egypt.

“A lot of Egyptians don’t see eye to eye with his policies, since he’s pro-normalization with Israel,” Messieh says. When Nabil was in Egypt, he was known for meticulously documenting the numerous human-rights violations the military carried out during the months following Mubarak’s ousting. That endeavor, combined with his history advocating against military conscription (Nabil is a pacifist) made him a military target. “He was imprisoned for at least a year, and after he was released, he left for Germany because he felt targeted,” Messieh says.

But Nabil keeps at it, remaining an important expat voice.”

Read more here.

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