Clinton Meets with Syrian Opposition in Washington

The following is an updated version of this wire. For more information about the meeting, please click here.

US-based Syrian opposition members and a diverse group of Syrian-American activists will meet with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and other officials from the State Department on Tuesday, August 2, 2011. The delegation is scheduled to discuss the ongoing assaults and violations on Syrians, specifically the recent attacks on the cities of Hama, Deir ez-Zor, and other Syrian cities.

Members of the delegation expressed thanks to Secretary Clinton and the people of the United States for standing in solidarity with the legitimate demands of the Syrian people and in calling on Bashar al-Assad and his regime to immediately stop all assault against the Syrian people. The delegation, which included Radwan Ziadeh, Mohammad Alabdalla, Marah Bukaee, and others who elected not to publish their names for fear of retaliation by the Syrian regime, shared with Secretary Clinton the following list of requested actions by the United States:

1- Urge President Obama to directly address the Syrian people and acknowledge their chief demand by making the unequivocal statement that Bashar al-Assad must immediately resign from his leadership post in Syria;

2- The United States to lead the International Community in further isolating Bashar al-Assad and his regime by intensifying pressure on the United Nations Security Council member states, including South Africa, Brazil and India, to issue a strong resolution denouncing the criminal actions of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian regime; referring the leadership of the regime to the International Criminal Court; and initiating a weapons embargo against the Syrian regime;

3- The United States to intensify sanctions it has placed against members of the Syrian regime by expanding these sanctions to include individuals, and their families, that are implicated in the murder, wrongful imprisonment and otherwise mistreatment of the Syrian people;

4- The United States to demand that humanitarian organizations be granted immediate entry into Syria and for the United States to work with border nations hosting Syrian refugees to guarantee the refugees’ safe and secure return to their homes in Syria; and

5- The United States to support the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Investigation Committee in its goal to gain entry inside Syria and conduct its mandated investigations of all human rights violations committed in Syria to date

Activist Mohammad Alabdallah said following the meeting: “We are very proud that the Syrian people have taken their nation’s future into their own hands, and in a completely peaceful manner, and are condemning in the strongest terms the brutality of the Assad regime. We thank Secretary Clinton and the United States for taking the stance of supporting the Syrian people.”

The Syrian participants unanimously refuse any kind of military intervention in Syria and believe that Syrian people themselves are the ones to determine their future. They further reaffirmed that Syria is transforming into a civil, democratic, free and united state, which will achieve peace and prosperity for the whole region.

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