Bitter Protests in Bahrain

Throngs of anti-government protesters and riot police were locked in a bitter skirmish, Friday, in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, after authorities denied a request for an opposition rally. Friday’s protests was the most recent flare-up in a two-year long conflict between the Sunni-led government and the country’s majority Shiites that are seeking more of a political voice. Nearly 55 people have died as a cause of this ongoing clash. The Shiite-led opposition group called on the regime to implement democratic reforms and free the opposition activists that have unjustly been detained. Bahraini authorities published a statement on the Ministry of Interior’s website, stating that the demonstration is considered to be illegal.

Twitter activist Mohammed tweeted “since the early morning hours the authorities in Manama started checking people’s ids.”



RT @mazenmahdi: 3 and half hours b4 opposition protest in #Manama roads closed .. Traffic jams leading into old part of city #Bahrain


Detained activist, Nabil Rajab, published a letter on his Twitter account, from prison, calling for the people to protest in Manama.


Rights are extracted and not given. You should all participate in Manama’s demonstration at the evening and extract your rights from the regime of tyranny, corruption and thuggery.”


Police attacked protesters with tear gas and stun grenades.


;The authorities cracked down on the demonstration in Manama by using sound and poisoned bombs against the protesters without any warning.”



Mazen Mahdi tweeted:



Activists published photos showing smoke emanating out of the tear gas used by police.



Below, a photo depicting police using canines as a tactic to silence protesters.


An injury from a direct shot of tear gas is summed up in the photo of a bloodied tissue.

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